About the Program

Diamond Aircraft is known throughout the insurance industry for its safety record, as a matter of fact it is one of the least expensive aircraft to insure compared to aircraft of similar or slightly higher value. Our industry proven safety record coupled with our innovation was the catalyst to marching forward and aggressively seeking out an agent and insurance company that would allow us to leverage our safety record and yet be just as innovative as we are to develop this program. After much effort we found exactly what we were looking for in Eastern Aviation Insurance Services.

This program was designed with you, the individual Diamond Aircraft owner and the Diamond Aircraft operator in mind. A program that will provide resolution to the challenges faced by flight training organizations and individual aircraft owners, coupled with exclusive product offerings and a single source for all their insurance needs.

Flight Training Organizations could be eligible to receive unique benefits like;

· No deductible for first occurrence during policy period
· Extremely competitive pricing
· Negligent instruction coverage.
· Life insurance policy for instructors at no charge
· Exclusion of Fellow Employee Endorsement
· Non-Owned Coverage and Joint Waiver of Subrogation for program participants

Individual Aircraft owners are looking at unique benefits like;

· Policy credit option for recurrent training at Diamond Flight Center's
· Extremely competitive pricing
· Higher available limits with higher or no sub-limits for persons and/or passengers.
· Additional coverage's for aircraft placed on leaseback at a Diamond Flight Centers
· Broader terms and conditions.

How to Apply

We have simplified the process for you. By filling out the forms below you can get a quick and reliable quote for the policy that best fits your needs by our agent of choice Eastern Aviation Insurance.

  Pilot Record Form Aircraft Application  

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